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Better care for employees. Better savings for companies. Employees love our responsive, personalized care. You'll love the reduced care costs we make possible.

“The reason why I love SCC Midland so much is that they’re like a business partner that I didn’t know I needed, but I need very much.”
"SCC Midland has been an incredible partner for us, providing our team with a more seamless experience with our health insurance benefits."
"Our employees feel comfortable with SCC Midland — it’s a familiar name in our culture. On the website, they’ve seen that we offer preventative care, specialist referrals, prescription refills, chronic care, and more, so that when the time comes, they reach out to us for care."


Our providers will design a program for you that will include education about the disease and its control, regular screening and monitoring, periodical tweaking of treatment plans. Visit us and experience our customized approach.